Contest Rules


SURCH is a simple Photo Race game. Each game has a fixed number of rounds. Each round has a VUE to find and photograph. (A VUE is an easily accessible public place or object.)

To win a round, simply find the corresponding VUE and snap a picture from the same vantage point with the SURCH app. If you’re successful, you’ll immediately qualify to get the next VUE. For your photo to count, it must look just like the VUE. The race is timed. Be the fastest to find all the VUEs in a game and win!


In races with cash prizes, the first VUE is always FREE. The following VUEs cost 5 SURCH Coins each. If you want to find a VUE faster you can use a CLUE. There are three CLUEs available per round. CLUEs cost 1 SURCH Coin each.  In some races, SURCH coins can be earned.

SURCH coins can be purchased by touching the coin icon.

For non-prize races, all the VUEs and CLUEs are free.


Information specific to each game is available during the race by touching the “i” button at the top of the race.


Please SURCH safely. Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. No VUE will require you to trespass or engage in unsafe behavior to photograph it. Please see the full Terms and Conditions for more information.