Find Vues. Use Clues.

Win $10,000








Welcome to SURCH!

SURCH is the first-ever PhotoRace where somebody wins $10,000.

The game is simple: There are five rounds. Each round has a VUE to find. (A VUE is an easily accessible, public place or object.) To win a round, simply find the corresponding VUE and snap a picture with the SURCH app. Then you’ll immediately qualify for the next VUE.

The game is FREE to play. If you need help finding a VUE, you can buy a CLUE. There are three CLUEs available per round. Clues cost 1 SURCH Coin each.  SURCH Coins are easy to earn, but you can also buy them if you want.

The first to find all five VUES wins $10,000!

SURCH Baltimore Launch Date: